Cardiff is proud to offer Welsh-medium education in secondary schools. Welsh-medium education lets children learn in both Welsh and English.

There are many advantages and long-term benefits to speaking both Welsh and English fluently in Wales.

Children outside a secondary school

Welsh-medium education

We have 3 excellent Welsh-medium secondary schools in Cardiff which let children and young people develop their fluency and proficiency in both Welsh and English. This builds on the language they have learnt at primary school and is the next step in their education. By this stage in your child’s development, their language skills have progressed and matured letting them easily switch between languages.

Applying for a school place

You can visit Cardiff Council’s website to apply for a Welsh-medium secondary place in Cardiff.

Secondary School children with a teacher

It’s never too late to learn Welsh!

Unded Drochi Iaith Caerdydd

Have you just moved to Cardiff? Or is your child or children already attending another school, but you are considering transferring to a Welsh-medium secondary school?

If your child has not attended a Welsh-medium primary school, please don’t worry it is not too late.

We have a highly successful Welsh Language Immersion Unit. If your child is 11 to 14 years old and is new to the Welsh language or a latecomer to Welsh-medium education, the Language Immersion Unit is the ideal place for them. The intensive language course gives every child in Cardiff the opportunity to access Welsh-medium education. Secondary-aged learners are immersed in the Welsh language until they get a level of fluency that will let them succeed in their Welsh-medium school in Cardiff.

If you want to find out more, please contact the Welsh Immersion Unit on 029 2062 6650 or by email

Opportunities to use the Welsh language outside school

It is important that your child can use the Welsh language socially and outside of the school setting.

Menter Caerdydd and the Urdd offer a range of exciting and stimulating activities across the city for secondary aged children. One of their many successful and exciting opportunities is Clwb Ieuenctid – CFTi. Cardiff Youth Service works in partnership with CFTi.

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Being bilingual

Logo Cymraeg i Bawb

We are pleased to be part of the South East Wales Welsh Medium Education Promotion Partnership who are responsible for Cymraeg i Bawb – the campaign to promote Welsh-medium education.