Cardiff is proud to offer Welsh-medium education in primary schools. Welsh-medium education lets children learn in both Welsh and English.

There are many advantages and long-term benefits to being able to speak both Welsh and English fluently in Wales.

Welsh-medium education

We have many Welsh-medium schools in Cardiff. This type of education is the best way to become fluent in Welsh and English.

Your child can be fluent in both Welsh and English, whatever your home language is. Over 70% of our pupils who attend Welsh-medium schools do not come from a Welsh speaking family.  Many children in the capital city do not speak Welsh or English as their home language, and they also thrive in a Welsh-medium school as they are already multilingual.

All children attending a Welsh-medium school will be able to speak Welsh and English fluently. They will also be able to read and write with confidence and with proficiency in both languages.  If your child attends a Welsh-medium school, this does not affect their ability to learn, speak, read or write in English.

There are many excellent schools across the capital city which offer Welsh-medium education.  Many of them have Welsh-medium nurseries as part of their school, which means your child could start in the term following their third birthday, if the school has spaces available.

Welsh-medium schools in Cardiff

There are 15 Welsh-medium primary schools. Find out more about the schools:

There is 1 primary school with a Welsh-medium stream and a dual language stream (50% Welsh and 50% English).

There are 2 primary schools with dual streams. 1 stream is Welsh-medium and the other is English-medium.

Applying for a school place

You can visit Cardiff Council’s website to:

Children outside a school

School aged learners with additional learning needs

Every school in Cardiff provides a range of early intervention and support, and additional learning needs (ALN) provisions. This makes sure children and young people with ALN can make progress in their learning and wellbeing.

The schools can access a range of training, support and advice from Specialist Teacher Services and from Educational Psychologists to develop their inclusive practice, and to meet the needs of every learner.  The specialist teams can provide advice and support for:

  • Cognition and learning
  • Speech language and communication
  • Sensory and physical needs
  • Emotional health and wellbeing

Cardiff Council is committed to providing support bilingually. The support is available in Welsh and English.

Find out more about ALN support for school aged learners.

Children aged 0 to 5 with additional learning needs

Cardiff Council’s Early Years Inclusion Service supports children who are aged 0 to 5 with significant or complex needs.

The service brings together a range of expertise, advice and guidance for:

  • children and their families,
  • early years settings, and
  • schools.

The service is committed to providing support bilingually. Employees work closely with the Mudiad Meithrin to offer support and regular visits to all of the Cylch Meithrin settings.

Find out more about inclusion in the early years.

Education Psychology Service

Cardiff Council’s Education Psychology Service (EPS) apply psychology to work with children and young people, their families, and schools to help make positive changes.

Cardiff Council is committed to providing support bilingually.

For more information, please visit the Cardiff Education Services website.

It’s never too late to learn Welsh!

Unded Drochi Iaith Caerdydd

If your child is age 3 to 11 and is new to the Welsh language or a latecomer to Welsh-medium education, you can still join the Welsh language journey!  

Our highly successful Welsh Immersion Unit is the ideal place for children to learn Welsh quickly and effectively. The intensive language course gives every child in Cardiff the opportunity to access Welsh medium education. Primary-aged learners are immersed in the Welsh language to get a level of fluency that will let them succeed in their Welsh-medium school in Cardiff. 

If you are new to Cardiff and your child is age 3 to 11, you can visit Cardiff Council’s website to apply for a school place during the academic year in Cardiff 

If you want to find out more, please contact the Welsh Immersion Unit on 029 2062 6650 or by email

Opportunities to use the Welsh language outside school

It is important that your child can use the Welsh language socially and outside of the school setting.

Menter Caerdydd and the Urdd offer a range of exciting and stimulating activities across the city for primary aged children.

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Being bilingual

Logo Cymraeg i Bawb

We are pleased to be part of the South East Wales Welsh Medium Education Promotion Partnership who are responsible for Cymraeg i Bawb – the campaign to promote Welsh-medium education.